Multi Head Split System

Multi Head Split systems, sometimes known as Multi Split systems, are similar to High Wall Split systems, with a very important difference... they consist of one outdoor unit that runs multiple indoor units.


The main advantage of the Multi Head Split System is that you only need the space for 1 outdoor unit instead of multiple outdoor units. In todays ever shrinking block sizes and growing house sizes, this is becoming a more important factor when considering which heating/cooling system is correct for the home, than home owners have faced previously.


Another of their advantages is that they can allow you to still control room temperatures individually as well as fan speeds in that area individually, unlike a ducted unit where all rooms are fixed temperature and fan speed. (Set at the main controller.




Split System Head Units have proven to work well in most homes and work especially good where houses are more open plan living, as they push air around the areas with greater force than ducted units. With Multi Head Split Systems you get to keep what works well and offers you more control, with the benefit of having less of your precious outdoor space being used.


CALL NOW to discuss if the multi head split system is the right choice for your home. We at Bellair Cooling have installed many multi head units over many years and we can surely advise you if they are a great option.. or not so good.


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