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If you're looking to keep cool this summer, a split system air conditioner can be the best option for you. These units are great for homes and apartments because they give you more control over your indoor temperatures in the room of your choice. They're also easy to install and cost less than other types of larger systems.

A split system air conditioner is easier to install and requires less space than a central ducted air conditioner. This makes them ideal for smaller homes or homes with little to no roof space where it would be difficult to mount a large ducted indoor unit.
Once installed, these units can efficiently heat and cool an entire room while keeping costs very low because they are much more energy efficient than central units.

If you're looking to save money on your next air conditioning project, a split system air conditioner might be the best option for you. They offer less noise indoor and outdoor and take up a lot less space. They're also much less expensive than central systems and less expensive to install, repair, and maintain.


If you're considering installing a new split system in your home or office building, here's why it may be the right choice for you:


Split systems are more energy efficient than central ones—reducing energy consumption by about 30% as well as allow individual room control.


They cost less up front and can save money over time with lower bills because you are targeting single areas to heat/cool and not wasting energy on unused areas of the home.


They typically last as long as a central unit that uses ductwork (that breaks down over time)


INDIVIDUAL ROOM CONTROL. You can have one system on heating and another on cooling at the same time. Each Split System has its own individual control so you can make sure every room is comfortable to whoever is in there. You can't do this with other systems.


We hope that you have a better understanding of the benefits of having a split system air conditioner in your home. It's important to consider all the different factors that go into choosing the right system for your needs, but we think it's worth it!


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So... Which brand Spliit System is best? Over the years we have installed ALL brands of Split Systems. We have seen the BEST brands be kicked off the podium and then rise to the top again. We have seen average brands lift hteir game and become great value for money units. The truth is, there are maybe 3 units we would consider the best and most other main brands that follow are not very far behind them. Ask us for our recommendations!


Over the years, Bellair Cooling has installed literally thousands of split system air conditioners across Melbourne. Rest assured, if it can be installed, we can do it without fuss. Call us to discuss if a split system or multiple split system air conditioners is the right choice for your home.


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