Multi Head Split System

Multi Head Split systems, sometimes known as Multi Split systems, are similar to High Wall Split systems, with a very important difference... they consist of one outdoor unit that runs multiple indoor units.

The main advantage of the Multi Head Split System is that you only need the space for 1 outdoor unit instead of multiple outdoor units. In todays ever shrinking block sizes and growing house sizes, this is becoming a more important factor when considering which heating/cooling system is correct for the home, than home owners have faced previously.

Another of their advantages is that they allow you to still control room temperatures individually, unlike a ducted air conditioning unit where all rooms are fixed temperature and fan speed. (Set at the main controller) So if someone is not comfortable in a room, they can't change temerature settings or fan speeds.



What are Multi Head Split System Air Conditioners?


Multi-head split system air conditioners are air conditioners that have one outdoor unit which connects to multiple indoor units. They are ideal for large homes or commercial buildings. These AC units allow for separate cooling and heating zones. They are a perfect fit for cooling multiple areas of a large space like a loft-designed home. With a multi-head split system AC, each room can be kept at its temperature. There's no worry about overcooling one area while trying to heat another. 


Its flexible design also allows them to be installed in almost any space. This extends to spaces that may not have been built with air conditioning in mind. Multi-head split system ACs are typically powered with a remote outdoor condensing unit. This is the main charm of this type of AC because it gives you the freedom to place it far away and still enjoy its powerful cooling capabilities. They provide users with greater control over their desired temperature. It also allows for customization in homes or businesses. As a bonus, they are also energy efficient and can help reduce energy costs. They strike a great balance of convenience, comfort and cost savings.


Why Should You Install Multi Head Split System Air Conditioners?


Multi-head split system air conditioners are an ideal choice if you want to cool multiple rooms at once. They allow up to five independent indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit. With that, it provides efficient and quiet cooling in different parts of the house. Each unit can also be controlled independently which gives you better control of your home's temperature.


They can also help you save on energy bills thanks to their ability to manage indoor temperatures. They also give you the freedom to adjust power when needed. And then there's the silence that comes with it. Multi-head split system ACs are often praised for their low noise levels. It allows you to enjoy a peaceful environment without disturbing your neighbours.


It's not surprising that multi-head split system ACs are becoming more popular. With one, both homes and businesses can enjoy the comfort of full indoor climate control while also saving money and enjoying peaceful living spaces. It's a worthwhile investment for both comfort and expenses for years to come.


What Are The Different Types of Multi Head Split System Air Conditioners?


Multi-head split system ACs come in various types and are suitable for different sizes of rooms. The most common type is the wall-mounted unit. It can be installed almost anywhere and requires minimal effort to install. These units can also be concealed behind furniture or inside a cupboard for a cleaner look.


For larger areas, like medium to large-sized living rooms or open-plan offices, the floor-mounted split system air conditioner is your best option. This type of unit has two separate units: an outdoor compressor and an indoor evaporator. The two are then connected by refrigerant lines. The outdoor unit is installed in a convenient place of your choosing while the indoor unit can be placed anywhere inside the house. These are also more powerful than wall-mounted ones which are ideal for larger spaces quickly and efficiently.


While not an exact variation of a multi-head split system AC, inverter models are also another type. They are another type in the sense that they can offer outstanding and better efficiency than the usual models. They use a variable frequency drive to control the compressor speed. This allows them to automatically adjust the output depending on the temperature of a home. It leads to significant energy savings and helps in reducing emissions.


How do you Choose the Right Air Conditioning System?


Selecting the right air conditioning system for your home can be intimidating at times. There are many things to consider but here are key factors to think about:


1. Your Home’s Size: The concept is simple, if your home is small, then a window unit may be enough. But if we're talking larger homes, then you'll need something bigger. This is where split system ACs come into play. Always pay attention to the cooling capacity of the AC to the square footage of your house.


2. The Efficiency: Always look for energy-efficient models that have a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). This rating indicates how efficient the unit is at cooling and will help you save on energy costs. Look for systems with ratings of 13 or higher.


3. Your Budget: ACs can be expensive, so it's important to think about your budget. Always think about the upfront cost, long-term maintenance, and possible repair costs. These will give you an accurate picture of your total expenses over time.

4. Finding the Right Contractor: Always look for the best in your area who can install ACs correctly and safely. Always go for the veterans and contractors who have installed countless units over many years. You can rest assured that you're in good hands with them.


How does a multi head split system work?


A split system simply means that the evaporator (coil) is located inside, while the condenser (the big box outside full of coils) is located outside. There are a few advantages to having the condenser outside. One is simply that it's easier to install and maintain if it's not located inside the house or office. Also, the evaporator can be located closer to the people or equipment that need to be cooled, so the system will be more efficient.Multi-head split systems work by having multiple evaporators connected to one condenser. This allows each evaporator to be located in a different area, or "zone." This can be helpful in cooling multiple areas of a large space, or in cooling different rooms that need different temperatures. For example, you could have one evaporator for a living room that needs to be cool and comfortable, and another evaporator for a sunroom that needs to be cooler than the living room but not as cold as a bedroom. By using a multi-head split system, you can have different temperatures in different areas of your home or office without having to cool the entire space to one temperature.


Split System Head Units have proven to work well in most homes and work especially good where houses are more open plan living, as they push air around the areas with greater force than ducted units. With Multi Head Split Systems you get to keep what works well and offers you more control, with the benefit of having less of your precious outdoor space being used.


But what about the price? Multi head split systems generally cost more than individual split system prices, however, this price can vary depending on the size of your home and the number of heads you need. Additionally, the cost of installation will also contribute to the overall price of the system as installation is usually more coslty than individual splits also. But when you compare it to the cost of other cooling options, a multi head split system is still great value. So if you're looking for an energy-efficient way to keep your home cool, a multi head split system is definitely worth considering.


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Q: Are Multi Head Split System Air Conditioners energy efficient?

A: Yes, multi-head split system air conditioners are extremely energy efficient.


Q: What type of maintenance do I need to do on my Multi Head Split System Air Conditioner?

A: This can include checking the filters and replacing them when necessary, cleaning the coils, inspecting the drain line or pan for clogs and debris, and inspecting all electrical connections.


Q: How can I reduce my energy costs with my Multi Head Split System Air Conditioner?

A: You can set the temperature higher than normal during cooler months and lower during hotter months. You can also use the timer or remote control feature to adjust the temperature when you are away from home for long periods. And make sure that all air filters are cleaned and replaced regularly.


Q: Are Multi Head Split System Air Conditioners noisy?

A: No, multi-head split system air conditioners are designed to be very quiet while still providing superior cooling power.