Ducted Air Conditioner Services Melbourne


DUCTED AIR CONDITIONING or DUCTED REVERSE CYCLE AIR CONDITIONING is where your Air Conditioning Indoor unit is installed either in your roof or under your floor and the cool (or warm depending on your setting) air is pushed through a series of ducts to outlets installed. This method of Air Conditioning is non intrusive to the indoor/in home appearance as instead of having split system head units hanging off the walls in all main rooms, you only have floor or ceiling outlets (usually 8"-10" in size).



Ducted Air Conditioners - System Configurations

Ducted Air conditioners have many system configurations available to cater for most families heating|cooling needs so it is important to talk with us to help you design the correct size system with the correct outlets to give you the best and most desired outcome.


Ducted Air Conditioners work by circulating air inside your home into the return air vent, across the coil (either cold or hot depending on mode you have it set to) and then forcing the now cooled|heated air out the vents. This air is then slowely bought back across the rooms to the return air grille where it get pushed back through the indoor unit coil once again. This cycle continues agin and again bringing your homes temperature to the desired temperature or set point.


It goes without saying that when you are choosing a Ducted Air Conditioner Installer, you want one that has lots of experience. Most installations take 1 day to complete with Bellair Cooling and great care is taken when inside your roof or underneath your floor. The installation of the indoor unit and ducts need to be done right, in fact, we have had to reduct many other companies poor work when new clients call us wondering why their new systems aren't working as they were promised.


Call Matt Bell on Mob. 0416 105 912 to discuss if Ducted Air Conditioning is the right option for your family home.