Split Systems


Split System Air Conditioners splits its components into two parts, an indoor unit which contains the evaporator (indoor head unit), and a condenser (outdoor unit) which houses the compressor and fan etc. With a reverse cycle air conditioner, the condenser and evaporator change functions so cool air is expelled outdoors and the heat is expelled indoors. The two units are connected by insulated copper tubes, wiring and just as importantly there is a condensate drain. These are typically piped through a small hole in the wall.


split system installer


Split system air conditioners have proven to be effective on Australian homes and offer other conveniences like being fairly quiet and can be reletively easily installed (by a qualified installer). Once looked at as a luxury, it is now expected for homes to have at least 1 split system air conditioner installed for cooling.


Over the years, Bellair Cooling has installed literally thousands of split system air conditioners across Melbourne. Rest assured, if it can be installed, we can do it without fuss. Call us to discuss if a split system or multiple split system air conditioners is the right choice for your home.


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